Stout frame construction combines high-strength steel with other advanced materials for a protective cocoon around the occupants. Occupants are further protected by one of the most sophisticated airbag systems of its kind with seven standard airbags. Front driver and passenger airbags incorporate a three-vent system to ensure optimal deployment for occupants of every size and weight.


It’s impossible to predict how weather, temperature or terrain are going to affect the road ahead. The Compass is equipped with standard and available active safety and security features—designed to assess road conditions and adjust vehicle performance to help the driver maintain control and stay safe and secure. Electronic Stability Control integrates antilock brakes and traction control systems to instantly analyze inputs and help keep the vehicle headed where the driver intends.


An extra set of eyes can come in handy. This available system displays a rearview video image with dynamic gridlines when you shift into reverse. A dashed line overlay indicates the center of the vehicle to assist with parking or aligning to a hitch/receiver.

Help navigate tight parking spaces with this available smart system. Four integrated sensors on the rear fascia pulse ultrasonic waves when the vehicle is shifted into reverse. Adjacent sensors pick up the echo of a signal when it bounces off an object and notify the driver when the vehicle gets too close.


Stay on your intended path, thanks to the Electronic Stability Control system and the thousands of micro-adjustments it makes every second. The system monitors steering input and vehicle motion and then applies brakes and reduces engine torque to help keep you safely headed in the direction you want.


Security Alarm 

A panic button is included on the key fob. Push the button to trigger the horn and lights and draw attention to yourself when needed. 

Automatic Headlamps 

This available feature delivers improved vision for the driver and increased pedestrian visibility for added safety and security under low-light conditions. The headlamps can be set to turn on and off automatically, depending on ambient light levels. 

Hands-Free Connectivity and Control 

Uconnect® Voice Command allows you to answer the phone and control music and entertainment features, without taking your hands off the wheel or eyes off the road. 
Specifications shown here may differ from markets. Please check with your local dealers.